About Unschooling

What is unschooling??

Unschooling, also called ‘Autonomous Education’ and ‘Free Range Learning’, is a form of home education – children therefore do not go to school.  Rather than being seen as being taught at home however, they are free to follow interests, all the while accompanied by those around them.  They learn because children want to learn and to be valuable to their societies.  In the same way as children learn to walk and talk, they want to acquire the knowledge that will allow them to contribute in their adulthoods.


Is it legal?

Yes.  All forms of home education are completely legal in Ireland and are protected under the Irish Constitution.  It is a requirement of Irish law however that children over the age of six be registered with Tusla and that an assessment of the provision of education is carried out by Tusla, which is the state agency responsible for registration.