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About the Conference

The Irish Unschooling Conference 2016 is aimed at all those interested in education, including parents and teenagers. It is an opportunity to learn more about unschooling, a form of home education which involves children learning in a child-led way without using a curriculum, all the while supported and accompanied by those around them. The conference will be held in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin on Saturday 7th May. We are delighted to welcome Pat Farenga, renowned international expert in unschooling, to this year’s conference. A home educated teenager and adult will also share their experiences. Additional speakers will be announced shortly. There will also be a forum and interesting speakers for teenagers aged 14 and over.


This year we are delighted to welcome Pat Farenga who is travelling from Boston for the conference. Patrick Farenga is a leading advocate of the modern home education movement. Born in New York City, Farenga worked closely with unschooling leader John Holt on his Boston-based magazine, Growing Without Schooling and after John Holt’s death in 1985 he became president of Holt Associates.

Smock Alley Theatre

This year’s conference will be held on 7th May 2016 at Smock Alley Theatre, a beautiful building built in 1662.


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  • John Holt

    " A child has no stronger desire than to make sense of the world, to move freely in it, to do the things that he sees bigger people doing."

  • William Butler Yeats

    "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire"

Who are we?

As home educating parents we felt that we would like to learn more and to give others more information about unschooling. In a nutshell that is why we started. We were very taken aback by the large response and have continued the conference to fulfill this need for people.
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I am a mother of two children aged 8 and 5 who have never been to school. Together with my husband Conor we made the decision to postpone school until our son was ready. It worked so well for us all that we haven’t looked back but still value the support of others.
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Teen Session Organisor
Bobbie Sparrow is a practicing Psychotherapist and mother of two boys aged 10 and 13. Neither have been to school, preferring instead to take the road less travelled. Their dad and I are regularly amazed at how something so fundamentally radical can look so ordinary. Our days are not defined by education but by the thrust of life that demands we take part.


Booking has opened!

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