Artist - Lily Tao (aged 14)

Artist - Lily Tao aged 14

Artist – Saffron Lily aged 14

This first Irish Unschooling Conference is designed for parents, teenagers and all those who are exploring or following an unschooling approach to Home Education.  This is an approach where there is no set curriculum and children learn through everyday life and through following their interests, all the while accompanied and supported by those around them.

The speakers on the day will include Dr. Alan Thomas, who will speak about his research in the area of Home Education, parents who have followed a child-led approach to home education, a home educated teenager and a home educated adult.  Pippa Black will examine the law in Ireland around Home Education and Cindy Dring will discuss access to third level education.  There will also be a Youth Forum for teenagers aged 14 and over and discussion groups for parents.


“..when a child is doing something she’s passionately interested in, she grows like a tree—in all directions. This is how children learn, how children grow. They send down a taproot like a tree in dry soil. The tree may be stunted, but it sends out these roots, and suddenly one of these little taproots goes down and strikes a source of water. And the whole tree grows.”
 ― John Holt